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Cover des Buches Begegnung um Mitternacht (ISBN: 9783736302211)

Begegnung um Mitternacht

Erschienen am 07.04.2016
Cover des Buches Think of England (ISBN: 9780995799004)

Think of England

Erschienen am 15.11.2017
Cover des Buches The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies Book 1) (ISBN: 9780995799028)

The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies Book 1)

Erschienen am 15.11.2017
Cover des Buches Band Sinister (ISBN: 9781912688029)

Band Sinister

Erschienen am 11.10.2018
Cover des Buches The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal (ISBN: 9780995799011)

The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal

Erschienen am 10.11.2017
Cover des Buches An Unseen Attraction (Sins of the Cities) (ISBN: 9780399593963)

An Unseen Attraction (Sins of the Cities)

Erschienen am 21.02.2017

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Cover des Buches The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies Book 1) (ISBN: 9780995799028)
liceys_buecherwunderlands avatar

Rezension zu "The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies Book 1)" von KJ Charles

Spannende Reihe
liceys_buecherwunderlandvor 5 Monaten

Die Geschichte rund um Lucien und Stephen teilt sich in drei kurze Bücher auf. Ich fand alle drei Bände wirklich sehr unterhaltsam. 

Vor allem Lucien mit seiner lockeren Einstellung hatte es mir sofort angetan. Aber auch den vorsichtigeren, zurückhaltenden Stephen fand ich vom ersten Moment an toll. ♥️

Die Story an sich war spannend und doch ein wenig brutaler als erwartet, was mich aber nicht gestört hat. 🤔

Vor allem der Aufbau der damaligen Gesellschaft in Verbindung mit der magischen Gesellschaft, fand ich super beschrieben.

Auch die Schwierigkeiten, mit denen Lucien, Stephen und die anderen Charaktere sich so herumschlagen müssen, wurden nicht einfach lapidar abgehandelt sonder schön geschidert. 

Die Nebencharaktere waren schön gezeichnet und das, obwohl die Bücher relativ kurz sind. 

Bei einigen Szenen und Aussagen musste ich aber auch ein wenig schmunzeln, denn KJ Charles bringt doch viel Humor in die Erzählung. 🤭

Von mir gibt's eine Leseempfehlung für alle, die Romantasy mit Humor mögen. 🤗

Übrigens: Ich musste doch ein paar Wörter in den Übersetzer tippen, weil einige ältere englische Begriffe verwendet wurden, die ich nicht kannte. 🤯

Dafür werde ich nie wieder "handkerchief" falsch übersetzen, was vorher immer eines meiner verhassten Wörter war. 😂 Irgendwie hatte ich immer einen Handbesen im Kopf, statt eines Taschentuchs. 😂😂

Eure Licey ☘️

Cover des Buches An Unseen Attraction (Sins of the Cities) (ISBN: 9780399593963)
Angelsammys avatar

Rezension zu "An Unseen Attraction (Sins of the Cities)" von KJ Charles

More secrets and dangers than would be beneficial ...
Angelsammyvor einem Jahr

I absolutely had to read the book in English too.

London, 1873, the Victorian era. Clem Talleyfer, thirty years old, an attractive man, half English, half Indian, runs a guesthouse in a not-so-wealthy part of London. Mainly rooms are rented for craftsmen.

The 35-year-old taxidermist Rowley Green has been staying with Clem for eight months. He does not consider himself very handsome, small and skinny as he is.

Both men indulge in a forbidden affection and love. They favour men. Punishable by up to ten years in prison if caught, as Oscar Wilde years later .

In an era of prudery, with a dedicated double standard, with an enormous amount of hypocrisy and mendacity of exquisite sophistication.

Both recognize each other and come closer, cautiously and then more and more passionately discovering their interest in each other.

Everything could be clandestine and blissful if ... if not Mr. Lugtrout, one of the tenants, named Pastor Gin, didn't keep causing disputes and trouble in the house. But Clem is forced by his brother, who owns the pension, to have to accommodate him.

Mysterious events happen. Allegedly the pastor's room was broken into. Then another break-in into Rowley's shop, which is right next door. Then the pastor disappears and reappears dead on the doorstep of the pension, tortured and brutally murdered.

Suddenly the new lovers Clem and Rowley are faced with unexpected dangers when an arson attack takes place and they float in the miasm of a fatal risk that is always vital to them. Will they be able to solve this terrible enigma and does their relationship have a future?

KJ Charles' books are always much more than crime novels. I would say they are part of historical romance, with an attached crime story.

She did a very good research, as she mentioned in the afterword, and this gives the plot an authentic note. Just how she impressively portrays the suffocating brew of the London air makes one gasp for air while reading.

She writes vividly and empathically, depicting the contrast between the noble caste and the "normal" people. Likewise the secret and discreet, wanting to live the "forbidden" love, not wanting to deny oneself happiness. Contrary to all encrusted fire-and-flame hatred spitters.

The "criminal" aspect of the story is compelling and some unexpected events occur.

Of course, the focus is on the romance that is being generated, but that's what I expect from the author.

And this is described as sensitive, warm-hearted, loving and tender. I don't understand why there are people who are bothered by the erotic aspects. These are by no means pornographic ( there is far more explicit literature. And what do some people understand by pornography? ), but described in a bewitching, hot, sexy and very appealing way. Not an end in itself, but always meaningful in context.

I love Clem and Rowley. They are a dream couple and, in their enchanting way, charmingly extraordinary. In general, I'm really addicted to the author's books. A story that puts me in the flow and that is great. 

Cover des Buches Subtle Blood (The Will Darling Adventures Book 3) (English Edition) (ISBN: B094TL3GJX)
Angelsammys avatar

Rezension zu "Subtle Blood (The Will Darling Adventures Book 3) (English Edition)" von KJ Charles

O no! Not all over again!
Angelsammyvor einem Jahr

Will Darling is a war veteran and now flourishing in his business. Kim Secretan is an aristocrat, a former agent of the Private Bureau, now disgraced, a very cunning and intelligent man as Will. Amateur bookseller

There is already a lot of excitement behind the two. Stress, various murder attempts, hard fights and all kinds of confrontations with criminals.

"Kim was a bloody twisting slippery weasel liar, and Will had to hide back a savage grin of pride."

It's the 20s of the 20th century. Homosexual relationships were punishable by up to two years of forced labour. That is why the relationship between these two true lovers is clandestine. Although they are from different classes they are really passionate to one another. And they do everything to make it work between them. They are really charming, adorable and lovable! I admire them! 

However, it turns out that Kim's hideous brother, of Kim's quite horrible family is accused of murder. In the spirit of wanting to prove his innocence, they soon slide into deep, deep trouble. A certain Zodiac causes trouble. Will they get out of there again?

The book is the end of the trilogy and very convincing. Word wit, humour and action paired with romance mesmerise. The contrast of the elegant, exquisite behaviour in contrast to all kinds of rudeness is excellent.

Will and Kim know very well how to defend themselves, including certain weapons. Do not worry! Sharp minds combined with emotions creates a first-class historical queer crime thriller!

 Tremendous, creative and a great book! I enjoyed and I love it! 

"Really, that man, abandoning her like that without a word. I'm furious with him."

"He couldn't help being murdered," Will protested.


I really adorn those kind of queer historical books! Yeah!!!!!

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